2020 China International Bearing And Special Equipment Exhibition

2020 China International Bearing and Special Equipment Exhibition

  • The four-day 17th "2020 China International Bearing and Special Equipment Exhibition" has come to an end. In December 2020, as the leading brand in the bearing filtration market, Biyun Filtration made a wonderful appearance with "OFS" one-stop filtration solution and a full series of self-developed bearing filtration products. At the exhibition site, Biyun filtration with the theme of "One stop filtration upgrade, intelligent creation leading change", through video interaction and demonstration, for visitors to show the full range of Biyun filtration industry enabling strength. By virtue of decades of deep cultivation of bearing filtration experience and technology accumulation and successful benchmarking cases have been landed, the bearing enterprises elaborated how to achieve the upgrading of the filtration link through Biyun filtration one-stop solution. Even under the influence of the epidemic, Biyun booth is still an endless stream of professional visitors. Professional solutions, high quality products and customer first service, so that Biyun filter has been the industry attention and highly recognized, and achieve marketing and word-of-mouth win-win. Biyun, focus on bearings For more than 20 years, Biyun Filtration has provided competitive filtration products and solutions for 1000+ bearing enterprises. The company focuses on the technology research and development and manufacturing of bearing filtration related products, and can customize excellent bearing industry "OFS" one-stop filtration solutions for enterprises, and provide "lifelong trust" one-stop service. Biyun, professional filter The company has a research and development team and system in the field of filtration system manufacturing, and always leads the development of technology and products in the industry. For example, the exhibition specially launched the new product - grinding oil/ultra essential oil centralized filtration system, set pre-coating, filtration, separation, slag discharge, dry slag and other functions, fully automated operation, effectively reduce labor costs, consumables loss and solid waste output, greatly improve the consistency and stability of bearing finished products. Blue cloud, dedicated core services Blue cloud filter has strong technical advice and