BXC- Iron Removal Filter Trolley

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Place of Origin: Anhui, China (Mainland)
  1. It is mainly used for cleaning iron impurities such as iron filings in materials.

2. The iron remover is composed of two parts: bucket body and magnet. The bucket body is connected in the conveying pipeline.

3. It itself forms a part of the pipeline. The magnet is installed in the center of the barrel body and supported on the barrel body by the base.

4. The material passes through the gap between the bucket body and the magnet, because the gap is full of magnetic field.5. The magnetic metal mixed in the material is magnetized and adsorbed on the surface of the magnet.

6. When cleaning the magnet, pull apart the barrel to turn the magnet outside the barrel, and manually clean the sundries on its surface.

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PRODUCT DETAIL BXC- Iron removal filter trolley

BXC- Iron removal filter trolley

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